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Welcome to EXQUISITE (glittery-turtle[dot]net), the home of EevaLeena/Reina Rain/ELraine/Arina domain sites. You'll find all my sites hosted here at Glittery-Turtle.net, and feel free to look around. Just don't steal anything, okay? ;p

U p d a t e s

26/8/2020 - These past few days was hard. I had to moved to another web host as my old ones will be closing. Starting from waiting to domain name transfer (took about 7-8 days to complete) to me forgetting how to setup Enthusiast for my fanlistings. Yeah. That alone took me 4 days before I finally figure it out the other day, Orz. Just in case, I had it written down on what to do.

01/07/2020 - Finally updated. Orz. Took me so long because I'm being lazy. New layout is up, featuring the remaining three of KAT-TUN. I know it looks just the last version, that was because I'm being lazy. I just want to get rid of the old layout. So. Yeah.

15/06/2014 - Finally a new layout for Glittery-Turtle.net! I love everything about this layout! The header image, the design and even the glitters! lolz..

22/02/2014 - As you can see, the domain name has change. That's right, I decided to change the domain name after my fanlisting collective & Enthusiast was hacked. I kinda had feelings that it's because of the word cro$$ on the domain name was the reason why I got hacked. Anyways. I'm still using EQHost, so not much change, except I've moved everything to Glittery-Turtle.net. I'll let my previous domain died on it's own.

28/05/2013 - My 3rd year with EQHost begin! Waiiii! I made my payment at the last second and bombered them with my emails & support tickets ^^; Sorry la. It took you guys a week last time ;p Anyways, yoroshiku ne?

30/08/2012 - Added one upcoming sites ^^ I'm currently making a fansites for KameDa aka Kamenashi Kazuya & Ueda Tasuya of KAT-TUN!

31/05/2012 - Made payment on May 24 to renew my hosting & domain for another year! YAY! I love this hosting, they have nearly 0 downtime, but I wish the Sales Department doing much quicker job into approving my payment, instead of keep sending me e-mail that I haven't paid it? Looks like, I need to pay a month earlier to avoid this madness again.

12/01/2012 - Problem FIXED! Well, rather than fixed, I actually went through psd slices again, and just copy the previous ones into the new ones. Yeah, it didn't makes sense, but... yeah ^^;

11/01/2012 - All the coding is 100% done. And I tried the e-mail form too. They should work now ^^ But I noticed some problem on both IE & Firefox. Will figure it out and fixed them ^^

10/01/2012 - I purchase the domain on May last year, but only now I made a domain sites ^^; Yes, way too late. But I don't care. Been too busy.